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Where to honeymoon?

For many couples choosing their honeymoon is one of the more important tasks on the wedding checklist. Some people will already have a honeymoon destination in mind, maybe somewhere they have talked about visiting or somewhere they can enjoy their favourite activity. Other couples can find the task of deciding on their ideal honeymoon quite difficult.

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A good place to start is to sit down together with a pen and paper to discuss what you are each looking for from your honeymoon. Do you like spending time together relaxing? Can you see yourselves on an isolated beach overlooking warm crystal clear seas or is it more important to have a wide selection of shops, bars, restaurants and museums nearby? Do you want an adventure of a lifetime or to experience the luxury of a 4, 5 or even 6 star resort? Defining priorities like these can help to narrow down the options and also to help ensure that your honeymoon is perfectly suited to you both. It is quite likely that there will be some differences in opinion about the order of these priorities but don't worry about that for now just put down everything that is important to each of you. You may be pleasantly surprised at the number of options that can cater for you both, even if one of you wants skiing and the other wants a beach in summer, there are locations that can cater for this. Don't compromise just yet!

When you are happy with your list of priorities you then need to define your budget. It is also worth noting when the money will be available as it may affect your options. For example, some long haul honeymoon destinations or All inclusive package deals are expensive to book in the first place but require very little spending money while you are there. On the other side of things a short haul destination or self catering accommodation option will be cheaper to book but will require more spending money.

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Once you have made all of these decisions you will be in a much better position to discuss your honeymoon options with a travel agent. Consulting an honeymoon expert with an open mind at this stage will give you the maximum choice available to meet all of your criteria.

Shire Wedding has teamed up with Designer Travel to give you access to some great honeymoon deals. If you would like our honeymoon expert to get in touch to discuss your options and give you some prices, just complete the form below with your contact details and any destination preferences or best times to call.

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