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Add a touch of real magic to your day

Your wedding day is a very special and expensive occasion. A wandering close up magician can add that special touch of magic to make the day extra special and memorable for everyone, helping to give you value for that expense.

He will mix with your guests encouraging them to smile, laugh, gasp with astonishment and have a great time!

Cards change in your hands.
A ladies ring vanishes to reappear within a rose
Your signed £20 note is found inside a kiwi fruit!

During the initial reception and the photograph session, the bride and groom will be busy and the photographer wants everyone kept close, and not slipping away to the bar! So your guests will really appreciate being entertained.

During the wedding breakfast, there will be more magic and more fun. The magician will attend each table, between courses, (not whilst they are eating), entertaining young and old alike going from table to table between courses.

You will hear cries of astonishment and thunderous applause resound around the room. Encouraging everyone to have a great time and be in good spirits to enjoy and remember your special day.

Also in the evening, especially the early evening, before the heavy music kicks in , a magician will get the guests talking, laughing and having a fantastic time on your day.

Sometimes called table magicians, there are many good quality close up magicians who would love to entertain at your celebration. So whom should you pick?

Most magicians nowadays have a website where you can often see them in action.
Most of them will perform amazing tricks.
Most of them will be magic circle members
Many of them will be Equity members (important for insurance – some venues insist upon it)

My best advice is ask if he is a professional (not someone earning bit on the side!) Ask for recommendations and chat to them to see if you like them and what they can do to make your day extra special.

If you like him your guests will, he will enhance the day entertaining throughout. Helping to make your special day, extra special for everyone.

Wedding MagicianThis article was written by Bernie
A Professional Close up magician from Magic at your fingertips.

For more information about Bernie visit or call 07931 346296.

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