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This is an important role and should be carefully thought out. While you will probably need to include some of the traditional embarrassment you should choose this very carefully. It is your responsibility to ensure that the groom has a good time and that you remain good friends! It has been known for the Bestman to take things so far on the stag do that the Groom revokes not only the role but also the invitation to the wedding. Don't worry about this too much as you will inevitably be expected to embarrass him. Remember you were chosen for a good reason, you know him well. Think about your friend/relative that you're organising it for and everything will run smoothly.

There are a number of businesses that can help you to organise an amazing stag do for the same cost as planning it yourself. Getting it organised professionally can take a lot of the stress and pressure away giving you the opportunity to enjoy the event as much as everyone else. Take a look at The Stag Company for inspiration. They have a wide selection of packages ranging from a night in a UK city to top notch stag weekends abroad.

The Speech

As the bestman you will usually be required to make a speech at the reception. Some couples are now deciding to do away with this tradition so check with the groom on this if it is not clear. Be sure to write your speech in advance, as the wedding date gets closer you will find yourself becoming busier and busier. The last thing you want is to be staying up and writing it the night before the wedding, give yourself time to proof read and make revisions. Of course you can bring up a few embarrassing stories but choose them carefully and don't forget to compliment the bride and wish the couple all the best.

Preparing for the day

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This may seem like a long list but as long as your organised and aware of what you should be doing when, it will be a breeze.


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