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Bridesmaid duties

As bridesmaid or matron of honour you will be expected to play a key role throughout the whole planning process. To begin with you will need to help the bride choose outfits, colour schemes and decorations. You should make yourself available to the bride for shopping sprees and planning meetings. Remember the final decisions should all be made by the bride but she will need you assistance with many of the tasks she has ahead of her. As with many other traditions surrounding weddings many modern brides are choosing to do away with some or all of the standard bridesmaid duties. Don't be offended is she chooses someone else to organise the hen do or help with the dress. Brides will often have a problem narrowing down the list of potential bridesmaids so they may decide to pass duties onto friends or relatives who missed out. Do not be offended as you are the one that has been chosen to stand at her side, you should feel honoured that she wants you to be there.

You should be prepared to be required to undertake the following tasks:

The most important thing to remember is have a good time the couple will want to see their friends and family enjoying the day that they have invested so much time and money into. Do your best where possible to make sure the happy couple and the other guests have a good time as well.

If you are tasked with the role of organising her hen do Ann Summers offer some great hen do packs to help you along the way. Don't forget to think about the types of activities that she enjoys as well as what the guests budgets are. Many brides choose to have two hen dos one weekend away or activity filled day for those who can afford it and a quieter one closer to home for those on a tight budget.

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