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Well, you have booked the venue, started to think about the reception, sent out the "save the date" cards and now it's time to start thinking about the outfit....

....or does your heart sink at the idea of showing off your arms/shoulders/waist/legs etc? Like most brides (and grooms for that matter) we all want to look our best on the most important day of our lives, the wedding photos will be a permanent reminder of how wonderfully special everything was so it's important that you have the inner confidence that comes from knowing you look and feel amazing!

It doesn't matter if the wedding is over a year away - at least you have the confidence of knowing that you can make the changes to your diet and lifestyle and can set aside some regular time to exercise and drop several pounds (or more). If you only have six weeks or so is it really too late? There is no doubt that it's much harder and there is a limit to how safely you can make the changes but you CAN make sure you feel amazing and CAN begin to lose inches in those important places!>

Clean up your diet

Whether you have six weeks or six months the first thing to tackle is the diet which comes with three clear tasks:

Weight Loss

There are countless diet plans out there that will promise amazing weight loss results but if you want really sustainable weight loss that stays off after the wedding you should really be looking at a weight loss of around 1-2lb per week. That doesn’t seem a lot I know but it’s been proven that weight loss at that rate is more achievable with dieters being more likely to stick with a healthy eating plan than to try and lose significantly more than that.

The more weight you have to lose the higher the initial weight loss is likely to be with a large proportion of that coming from water and don’t forget that everyone will plateau at some point in their weight loss cycle – changing your diet and exercise is an excellent way to break through a plateau.

Remember, weight loss is MUCH more than just cutting calories; simply reducing the amount you eat to a very low level is not recommended and will not produce a long term or sustainable weight loss.

Get Moving

If you really want to lose weight, drop some inches and improve the look and feel of your body you really need to get moving. In an ideal world we should all be much more active every day but there is so much pressure on all of us (and especially when planning a wedding) that it’s not always that easy so, aim to do something around three times a week.

The ‘something’ should always involve resistance training such as weights, resistance bands or even body weight exercises rather than pure cardio on the treadmill or cross trainer.

That doesn’t mean you can’t run or use the cross trainer but mix it up a bit, try adding in a Zumba class, look into Body Pump or speak to local gym and ask one of the instructors to write you a programme you can do on your own.

The easiest thing to do is to add some bits of exercise into your daily routine; walk the dog, walk to work, take the stairs instead of the lift or why not try an exercise DVD at home. There are loads of really good ones out there and with differing styles you are sure to find one that suits you!

Personal Training

No matter how long you have until your special day, if the thought of establishing a fitness routine or losing weight on your own is a daunting prospect it may be worth checking out the cost of hiring a Personal Trainer. Prices really do vary across the country but are much more affordable than people think especially if you block book a package; many trainers work independently of local gyms and some will even visit and train you in the comfort of your own home.

A Personal Trainer will work closely with you to help you reach your specific goal and there is surely no more specific goal than to get in shape for your wedding – trainers can often provide a cost effective solution helping to give you the motivation, accountability and exercise ideas etc. Don’t forget a good trainer can even help with diet and weight loss plans!

Speak to your local gym to check out what classes they can offer and see if they provide Personal Trainers or ask your friends or colleagues if they have one they can recommend. When it comes to arranging training make sure your Trainer is qualified to Level 3 and don’t forget they should always ask you for details of your health and fitness before you start training and should spend a little time understanding what you want to achieve and why.

This article was written by Debbie Polain from The Vitality Principle

The Vitality Principle offer personal training to help you get into the best shape of your life.

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