Dysport Vs. Botox – Which One is the Best?


When it comes to wrinkle treatment, there are various ways to go about it. The big debate has always been on choosing between disport and botox. It is important to do enough research before deciding on the best method.

Before you settle on a wrinkle treatment option, you need to choose a treatment method that is effective and at the same time safe for you. You need to make sure that you reduce the appearance of wrinkles or even treat the problem once and for all. Here is a good comparison to help you in making a decision:


injectionsThe first question many people ask before choosing a treatment procedure is the cost. Everyone loves a good deal, and the cost plays a big part in decision making. When it comes to cost comparison, Dysport and Botox have the same cost.

However, the trick comes in the amount of treatments and injections that you have to take. For Dysport, you will need more injections than botox. You will end up spending more money for Dysport treatment.


A cosmetic procedure is only effective after seeing the result. Many people argue that there is a clear difference in results between botox and dysport. Dysport tends to create a uniform look in the affecting area because it spreads evenly.

On the other hand, Botox might not be that effective. With Botox, you might notice some uneven look and especially around the forehead. If you want to get unnoticeable results, consider Dysport because it looks realistic.


injectionBoth Botox and Dysport are not permanent treatments. You will be required to get injections once new wrinkles start appearing.

For some people, Dysport lasts longer while for others botox starts longer. It will all depend on your skin care routine and also the elasticity of your skin.

Method of Administration

If you hate needles, you might have to put up with botox and dysport. The two methods will require you to get injections. The only difference is the contents of the needles. After getting the treatment, it will take 2-3 days to start seeing any results.

However, for a full result you will need to wait for up to three weeks. In case you want to get a flawless face with no wrinkles and fine lines, make sure that you repeat the procedures every four months.

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