How To Choose The Right Athletic Shoe

Athletic Shoe

Having a pair of athletic of the right athletic shoe is vital to prevent injuries and keep one comfortable as they practice their sport. However, shopping for a pair can be confusing if you do not know what you need to look for. What does one look for when they want to purchase an athletic shoe? How does on choose the right shoe?

Choosing The Right Athletic Shoe

Importance of choosing the right shoe

It is vital to have a good pair of athletic shoes to enhance the individual’s performance aAthletic Shoesnd provide comfort and support that is needed for the particular sport and activity. The right pair shoe will prevent injuries from occurring and foot problems from developing. These problems can include blisters, bunion, callus, corn and hammer toe.

Type of Feet

It is good to ascertain the type of feet that you have. There are 3 categories of feet. First, Pronation is the way the average foot reacts to a stride. The categories include Overpronators, supinators and neutral feet. Over pronators have a flat arch causing the ankle and foot to roll inward. The soles of the shoe tend to wear out on the inside of the sole. For such feet look for shoes that offer cushioning for the midfoot area.

Supinators or under pronator have high arches causing an outward roll and loss of cushioning of the foot. Such feet require shoes that have extra cushioning; that will absorb shock and stabilize the heel. The cushioning needs to be in the mid-arch area. Finally is neutral feet, such have an average arch, and the heels of the shoes wear down evenly. Any type of shoe can be worn with such feet.

Shoe fit

A proper fit is essential to wearing the right athletic shoe. To avoid foot problems, it is important to find a store that will be able to inform and guide you on the different shapes and styles of shoes. It is also good to be informed to be able to purchase the right shoe. Factors like the foot width, and whether you narrow or wide at the toes is essential. Have your feet measured to ascertain your size? Secondly, do your feet swell, it would be wise to have a shoe that will accommodate such an issue. Make sure that the shoes provide breathing space for your longest toe.


wearing Athletic Shoe If you regularly participate in a particular sport, then you can look for a pair that is specifically designed for the sport. If not a good pair of cross-training shoe will be sufficient. Cross trainers are designed with a combination of several features so you can participate in more than one sport. For more click Likewise, consider the design of the shoe. However, this is relative compared to the other consideration.

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