Common Types Of Jewelry For Men

Jewelry was a women’s thing in the decades ago. But in the modern society men also have various types of jewelry that are available in the market. The rise of great men’s jewelry in the market is noticeable. There some specific brands which design high quality and well-executed accessories. The following are some of the common pieces of jewelry for men.

Shirt Cufflinks And Studs

hbfhbhShirt cufflinks and stubs are valuable pieces of jewelry. The shirt stubs substitute the standard buttons down the front to give the most fashionable look, while cufflinks substitute the keys at the cuffs. The shirt studs are a stylish choice when it comes to black tie attire. The cufflinks in iron and valuable metals are excellent in the formal setting, while the cufflinks with a novelty design are ideal for daily use in the office.


Bracelets are of several types. There are medical, functional, cause-related and even ornamental bracelets that you can get. For a fabulous look, go for bracelets that match your masculinity with class. When acquiring the units, go for the ones that are thicker than ladies bracelets. Modern styles that you can work with are gold, titanium, and a host of several others made from strong, high-quality metals.

Blazer Buttons

A regular blazer can just be modernized with the addition of the simple or stylish buttons. Multiple standard buttons are in gold or silver, while a mother of horn and pearl are further choices. When looking at the styles of a button, it is required to take the plain or decorated button that completely complements the appearance of the blazer.


Necklaces are comfortable to wear as you can only hide them beneath your clothing. You should go for units that are different to create a mystery around you. There are various debates on the appropriate number of chains that you can wear as a man and the proper size that you should go for. Specialists suggest that you wear a maximum of 2 necklaces. When it gets to length, you shouldn’t go for jewelry that is longer than 6-8 inches over your navel. To avoid looking inappropriate be careful of where you wear the chain.

Wedding Band

The wedding band is created from silver, platinum, or gold with a super simple design and is a very modern piece of jewelry. But, there are further the most stylized rings that may involve decorated metalwork or incorporate diamonds.  They are normally a lot less expensive compared to the more elegant wedding ring as the wedding design band is minimal.