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Five Reasons Why Women Carry Handbags

Since the beginning of time, women have had many great loves. Most women experience this obsession throughout their lifetime as handbags quickly become an integral part of life from an early age. There are different stages in a women’s life where handbags become important and at times necessary ranging from their childhood years to their later adult years.¬†Unlike any other accessory, handbags are in a category all their own.

Five reasons why women carry handbags

Fashion statement

Handbags are more of a fashionpink handbags statement for young girls. They carry handbags with bright colors and sparkles and fill them with lip gloss and candy. At times they are even carried with no contents whatsoever, worn only to contribute to the collective obsession shared by women everywhere. They are carelessly slung over their shoulders or seamlessly dangled from their wrists as a way of telling the world they are entering womanhood.

Attractive for late night parties.

Later on, handbags become a different type of statement, one that says “I’m on the go.” And exciting times call for a smaller, more to the point handbag. Contents at this stage include a cellular phone, an ID and a house key. Having surpassed the glitter and twinkles phase, women at this stage are about convenience and size. With mini dresses and high heels, handbags must evolve to fit this fast-paced environment as the obsession continues.

Serving as a pouch.

As life progresses and more important items are to be carried like wallets, forms of documentation and even diapers, handbags begin to serve a greater purpose. Being able to hold all that is precious to women in a protected pouch near to them is an essential aspect of every day. Size matters as more objects are added to a women’s life that is required to be trotted along with them at all times. More space is needed to accommodate the demands of life at this stage, so the obsession changes to that of larger more comfortable handbags.

Making statements of womanhood.

Handbags make statements of womanhood, fashion, and lifestyles. There are many reasons why women use handbags and adore them so. Whatever the occasion or reason may be, women will always have their handbags by their side for better or for worse.

Functionality and Timelessness.

woman using sling bagSome handbags have been crafted with long-term functionality in mind. Although many labels will manufacture specific handbags that are specially designed to meet a purpose or match a style, many others will have the versatility to be used with some outfits in some different situations.