Which are the key ingredients in anti-ageing creams

The efficiency and suitability of anti-aging creams depends on the ingredients used in formulating the cream of choice. Most of these creams promise to reverse aging by removing wrinkles and other skin conditions associated with old age. However, it is worth noting that not all creams in the market are as effective as they are hyped to be. What is worse is that there are creams with far-reaching side effects on the skin and therefore do more harm than good to the skin. Generally, there are several safe and efficient ingredients in anti ageing cream. These ingredients include:

Vitamin Cfacial cream

Vitamin C is used in the formulation of anti-ageing creams as a potent antioxidant for protecting the skin from the destructive effects of the sun. Since the vitamin is an all-natural ingredient, it does not have any negative side effects on the skin or on any other part of the body. However, it is worth noting that direct exposure of the cream to sunlight may neutralize the vitamin hence making it less efficient. As such, the cream should be stored away from direct sunlight.


Retinol is a vitamin-based antioxidant that is widely used in both prescription and non-prescription anti-aging creams. This vitamin A compound helps in neutralizing free radicals on the skin thereby preventing the skin from cracking and developing wrinkles. Since it is an active ingredient, Retinol is effortlessly useful and reliable in the prevention of wrinkles and skin cracks even before old age.

Hydroxyl acids

Hydroxyl acids are used as exfoliants in anti-ageing creams. These acids stimulate healthy skin growth, enhance the even pigmentation of new skin, remove dead skin cells and caution the skin from developing wrinkles. The best thing about the acids is that they also kill bacteria and other microorganisms on the skin. Therefore, they prevent any possible attack and damage on the skin by microorganisms. The acids help in brightening the skin by making it tighter and smoother.

Tea extracts

Tea, especially black and green tea contains that possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The tea extracts help in ridding the skin of germs and bacteria that that may trigger skin ageing in the form of wrinkles, cracks and accumulation of dead skin. The tea extracts are also efficient in promoting wound healing. This, in turn, goes a long way in enabling you to have a smooth and lean skin; even in old age.

Things worth noting

When shopping for anti-aging creams, there are several things worth noting:

Quality is not determined by price

Several over-priced creams are not as efficient and reliable as other fairly priced creams. As such, you should not rely on price to determine the quality of the cream. Instead, you should consider the ingredients to determine the likelihood of the creams being efficient and reliable.

Skin type

skinYour skin type is yet another consideration worth making when shopping for these creams. Always opt for a cream that is formulated for your skin type. This helps in reducing the likelihood of skin reactions arising from the use of a cream that is inappropriate for your skin type.

Always settle for the best quality anti-aging creams for the best and safest skin care results. Poor quality creams should be avoided at all costs as they can cause additional damages to the skin other wrinkles and cracks associated with old age.