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Harem Pants – Their Origins And What Makes Them So Popular?


When it comes to the unique and unlikely hot summer trends, Harem pants are undoubtedly one of them. Even though some may find these low crotch pants and their baggy legs somewhat ridiculous, it is no secret that they have become a fashion statement of many celebrities and fashion models, as well as common folks. So, what’s the deal with these pants and where do they originate from?

The origins

woman with harem pantsThese pants have been around for quite a while. In fact, they date back as far as the late 16th century. However, it was only in the 60’s, during the explosion of the hippie movement, that people have become familiar with Harem pants. Once they became a part of popular fashion, they were quite popular up until the end of the 1990’s. At the start of the new millennium, they seemed to be once again out of fashion and forgotten. However, in the last few years, we have seen a resurgence of popularity, and we can once again see lots of people wearing these pants.

What makes them so appealing?

Well, for starters, these pants are extremely simple and cheap. They are especially popular among women, as they provide that sense of fullness and are quite forgiving, which makes them great for covering up some unsightly bulges. They are also quite easy and comfortable to move about and provide a cool and nice feeling during the scorching days of summer.

How should you wear them?

The majority of harem pants are made from a variety of soft, flowing fabrics, and such s jersey or silk. These are perfect for taller ladies, but can also look very good on shorter ones, since they will drape nicely. However, to get the appropriate look, shorter ladies should wear high heels, to elongate their legs. If not worn alongside high heels, the pants will most likely create a balloon-like effect. However, it is important to note that chunky heels are much better than the stiletto ones, which can look somewhat too formal

When looking for a pair of pants yourself, make sure to pay attention to the divided area and look for a model that doesn’t feature too much fabric in that specific area. If it does, it can easily bunch up and lead to an unsightly silhouette. In general, you should focus on finding a tailored shape. To create an appealing look, you should combine the pants with short fitted tops and make sure it all feels simple and flowing. During the day, you could also combine stretchy, short pants with cropped tops, as well as black silk pants with strappy sandals and a halter top.

Show your creativity

long haremA great thing about these pants is that they allow for a plethora of simple yet beautiful combinations. Just like all other pieces of hippie clothing, these pants are meant to emphasize one’s individuality and free spirit. Therefore, you shouldn’t blindly follow other trends or how other people dress. Instead, you should experiment on your own, and come up with the look that suits your personality the best.

With that in mind, waste no time and start experimenting now. Try on a variety of models and designs, until you have found the right one. Also, don’t forget to add certain accessories, to emphasize the look even further.

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How To Find Fashionable Outfits For Fat People

Big people can find it difficult to select the best clothes for themselves. Sometimes it comes hard to find a good designer who is ready to take up the task of designing the right outfit for them. This is why you will find most big bodied people wearing clothes that are oversize or undersize.

Did you know that fashionable outfits  can make  fat people look even more beautiful than you can imagine? Well, most people seem not to realize this, and hence thy do not bother to look for fashionable outfits.

If you know that you need a plus size clothing, then there are some things that you need to consider before setting off to buy one. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the essential tips that will enable you find the right outfit and therefore look good.

Know your sizewoman with long blond hair

This is very crucial to anyone who wants to look good. The first step in achieving anything in this world is first by knowing what you want. When you know that size that best fits you, then the chances are that you will always get the clothes that fit you perfectly. The underlying point here is that women will look more beautiful when they wear clothes that fit them properly.

Know your shape

When it comes to matters related to fashion, the shape is very important regardless of the body size. Knowing your shape can help you identify the right style that will give you the beauty that you desire to have. Knowing your shape may need the help of a professional designer. So be sure to talk to your designer about it. However, it is good to note that not all designers have the right ability to make you achieve the desires of your heart.

Find the right shop

modest shop Sometimes, it is nice to develop a habit of buying your outfits from a particular shop or designer. This, of course, should depend on the quality of clothes and services that you get. There are many shops that offer you an opportunity to get access to plus size clothing. All you need to do is to identify the right one, and this can be done through looking at the quality of the outfits that they provide.

Online research

This being a technology era, many successive fashion designers have resolved to use the Internet in marketing their business. This, therefore, means that through the web, you can get the outfit that is perfectly meant for you.