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How to flat iron your hair

If you have dry, frizzy and unkempt hair, don’t continue to subject yourself to this horrible condition because there his help available for you in the form of a flat iron. Straight and sleek hair is now easy to acquire within a few minutes of effort using the Best Straightening Iron. If you have been using flat irons and have not yet received the expected results, then it is time to learn the right process to ensure you acquire amazing results. You can do so by following the procedure below;

Make sure your hair is clean anwoman with long haird conditioned

If you flat iron hair that has dirt and products in it you are just frying the dirt and products into your hair. These
damages your hair, and you lose the lightness and shine that you would have with clean hair. If your hair is well-conditioned, this indicates that it is moisturized and fortified. The products that you apply to your hair while styling are not enough. You need to start with good conditioning so that your hair can take the heat without being damaged.

Use a smoothing serum

Use a humidity-resistant smoothing balm or serum coating all of your hair right after you are done shampooing and conditioning and before you dry. This is vital if you live in a high humidity area.

Make sure your hair completely dry

If your hair is not completely dry, the moisture that is inside it will just creep out after you flat iron and cause the hair to frizz back up. When you blow dry or flat iron your hair, the water inside your hair expands and it does so very quickly. The expansion can cause damage to the hair shaft.To avoid this combustion effect, you should not heat up the hair too fast.

Use heat protectant

You use the heat protectant after your hair is dry and as you are flat ironing each section. This helps if you spray the heat protectant onto your hand and then smooth it over the section with your hands.

Take your time

long hairMake sure you do this without rushing. You need to take your time and use slow controlled movement. Take small sections and run the plates from root to tip two or three times.

Stretch out your hair first, then use the iron
Pull the section of hair out so that it is pulled straight, then run the iron over the section. Again hold on to the tip of your hair until the flat iron passes over it.do not run the iron over a dry section without pulling it out first and don’t pass the flat iron over hair that is not being held taught.