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Ultimate Guide To Buying Zumba Shoes

Zumba dance requires specific shoes that are designed to meet the demands this dance puts on one’s feet. There are several things to consider. Here is the ultimate guide to buying Zumba shoes. One of the common questions on the choice of shoes is What are the best shoes for Zumba dancing?

General information

Pivot point

shoesThis is a key thing to have in a pair of Zumba shoes. The pivot point is the place that allows one to turn when they move. Not having the pivot point can cause too much grip and you could damage your legs when you consider trying to twist them in order to turn.

Being light

Getting a shoe that is light will save you the agony of feeling heavy footed. However, this point may not be considered if your feet require lots of protection then you will have to get a pair of heavier shoes.

Shock absorbent soles

Being an energetic form of exercise, Zumba can be quite hard on your feet. This makes it really important to have shoes with a good sole to protect your feet. Most Zumba shoes often have a much thicker sole as compared to shoes for other activities. This goes a long way in helping to stop any bruising that may occur. However, the problem with having a thicker sole is having less feeling on your feet. If this will have an effect on you then you can go ahead and have the ones with a thinner sole to help you have more feeling and keep the beat.

The heel counter

This is the part supporting the heel hence providing support and stability for your feet. The Zumba shoes should have an Achilles notch in order to stop your feet from rubbing hence damaging them. This may not be the case for experienced dancers since their feet are strengthened.


This is necessary to support the different dance moves involved. Wide soled shoes help achieve this.

Toes space

Your toes should have more space. One can check this by stretching their toes since they occupy the same space when standing.

Dancing surface

Different trainers have different surfaces. Always confirm the type of surface in order to buy the right shoes. An ideal shoe for carpet may not be the best for a polished surface.


woman's feet using shoesBeing a physically intense activity, one will get sweaty and would need shoes that will allow the feet to breathe.

Comfort Besides looking at the many beautiful and efficient features a shoe may have it will do you more harm than good if it is not comfortable for you.