What You Need to Know About Oral Irrigators

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It is the dream of every person to have white teeth and healthy gums. Practising oral hygiene is the only proven method of maintaining your teeth. This is done by brushing twice and flossing once in a day. This is a goal that is not achieved by many people. A study that was conducted by the American Dental Association revealed that 40% of adults only does flossing. To make the matter worse 20% do not floss at all. The use of oral irrigator can help you in achieving your oral health goals.

This is a device that is used in directing a pressurized stream of water into the flossed teethmouth. It is designed with a specialized tip that directs the pressurized water. The force produced is helpful in washing away plague and dislodging the food particles. The main components of an oral irrigator include an electric motor for powering the pump and a reservoir for holding water. This method is used in supplementing the regular dental hygiene.

Benefits of using oral irrigators

The method is much easier to use as compared to the traditional flossing. This has made it practical for those individuals suffering from hand pain or arthritis

  • They are effective in cleaning the mouth: You can use them in cleaning around implants, bridges, and braces.
  • They do not cause irritation or bleeding of the gum
  • Effective in removing debris as well as plague from the gum line,

Main types of flossers or oral irrigators

Countertop and portable oral irrigators are the main types of oral irrigators.

Countertop type

Just as its name suggests, this device is placed on the bathroom’s counter. It is then plugged into an electrical socket. It is designed with a large reservoir that can hold enough water for about one minute of use. It has a control system that is helpful in regulating the pressure settings and controlling the flow rate of the water stream. It can be used or more people.

Portable type

A battery powers this device. Some of them use disposable batteries while others use disposable ones. They are mainly used by those people who travel a lot and those having small bathrooms. It has a much smaller reservoir as compared to the countertop type. It can only hold water for about 45 seconds.

Factors considered when looking for an oral irrigator

  • Size of the reservoir: It should hold enough water
  • Adjustable pressure: pressure settings for controlling the force of the water spray
  • Flow control: For stopping or controlling the water’s flow rate.

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